Desktops as a Service(DaaS) is redefining the role of IT. Hosted virtual desktops allow you to work on a wide variety of devices regardless of the local hardware. Small businesses do not have the luxury of unlimited IT resources. The cash-strapped companies may not be able to deploy physical desktops for every employee. This is where DaaS becomes beneficial as it works with any device—business or personal. Moreover, it will give you the same PC desktop experience on any device.

With DaaS, employees can access their desktops on a laptop, personal notebook, tablet, thin client, and smartphone. Cloud desktops, thus, facilitate alternative workplace strategies such as telework, flex-work, and outsourcing. By providing device independence, companies can integrate more mobile workforce. It helps the company attract the best talent across the globe. As per a 2017 workforce report by KRC Research, contract workers account for 21- 40% of the workforce at 34% of organizations surveyed. Hosted desktops will be useful in effectively utilizing the expertise of contract workers.

As more millennials are entering the workforce, Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy is gaining traction. DaaS is the perfect solution for implementing the strategy. Independent of your employee’s device, cloud desktop works in the same way the traditional system works. Ability to access the corporate environment from their own devices from anywhere will be a big attraction for mobile-savvy professionals. The millennials do not want to be tied to the corporate instructions about which PC to use. In case of home emergencies, they would prefer logging into their virtual desktop from a personal device and working from home. Device independence does not compromise the security. The local devices do not store confidential business information. DaaS maintains risk management standards as the sensitive data is stored at the data centers. Also, the company can decide the access level of each employee by customizing desktop usage to meet each employees’ preferences. The data breach threats due to unsecured devices is no more a security concern. As the system becomes device independent, the employees can work from anywhere. As long as there is internet access, they can work. DaaS promises uninterrupted access to desktops and corporate applications. It gives them the flexibility of deciding the place and device for their work. Millennials enjoy the flexibility of working at home, on the road, in a coffee shop, at airports, or anywhere in the world. Besides ensuring business continuity, it offers them a better work-life balance.