Remote work is gaining traction across many industries. According to Gallup’s State of the American Workplace report, the trend of American employees working remotely continues to grow. The survey points out that 43 percent of employees worked remotely in some capacity in 2016. Moreover, an increasing number of workers tend to spend more time remote working. In 2012, 24 percent of workers contributed 80 percent or more of their time working remotely. Taking these emerging trends into consideration, businesses should evolve to give room for remote working. Desktop as a Service(DaaS) allows this mobility. Your employees can access data and applications from any device, anytime, anywhere, with virtual desktops. It gives them an opportunity to work whenever and wherever needed.

Mobility in business has become all the more significant with the dominance of the millennial workforce. According to PwC, millennial will form 50% of the global workforce by 2020. Generation Y is known for their affinity with the digital world. They are interested in working for employers with the latest technologies that make them more effective and productive. They love it when they can access applications, files, and emails from the comfort of their home or from anywhere via the internet. Remote desktops, coupled with the Bring Your Own Device policy, can make your business more attractive to the millennial generation. Security threats will not arise as cloud-hosted virtual desktops have the provision to implement company-controlled security and controls.

Studies also indicate that millennial prefers a flexible approach to work. They place a much higher importance on work-life balance. In PwC survey 95% of respondents said that work/life balance is essential to them. The mobility offered by hosted virtual desktops will help them find this perfect balance. Adopting cloud desktops and thereby extending the much-needed flexibility companies can attract and retain millennials.

As cloud desktops provide the employees with ‘work from anywhere’ opportunity, the business owners can overcome the talent challenges. With increased mobility, they can expand their hiring pool. Cloud desktops widen the scope of hiring contractors and remote workers promising geographic agility. By moving to the cloud, the company can securely retain geographically specialized talents. Mobility and flexibility have now become synonymous with productivity. IDC forecasts that US mobile worker population will surpass 105 million by 2020. To hire these best talents, your company should have the potential to allow secure access to desktops from anywhere, anytime.