Advantages of DaaS

The first and foremost advantage of the DaaS model is that you need not build your own in-house VDI infrastructure (hardware, storage and VDI product licenses) and can save on the Capex (Capital Expenditures). Building your own VDI takes months long preparation to evaluate, design, test, tweak, fix and deploy. To set up VDI, a deep technical knowledge (inline deduping, post processing deduping, how to maximize the IOPS per desktop, what hypervisor to choose from) is required.

Instead, you can opt in for a subscription model which charges your organization only based on the virtual desktops that is being used. There is also a migration cost involved, but that is minimal as compared to the capex and the migration time is faster. Scaling is incremental and it costs you additionally as when you run your own VDI, you need to buy new hardware for future users. To add a few users you might have to spend thousands of dollars worth of new hardware. The effort for scaling up desktops in DaaS remains the same even if it is 3 users or 300 users. Scaling down is also easy, as there is no hardware wastage.

Some advantages of DaaS as compared to setting up a VDI is given below

  • Building your own VDI requires lot of guesswork on what the cost would be (Licensing cost, Migration cost etc need to be considered) whereas costs of DaaS are known which roughly translates to:
    Number of users * cost per user = Cost of DaaS.
  • DaaS is easy to test and pilot.
  • Providers have access to wide range of hardware and software vendors.
  • It is quick and easy to test for few users on DaaS before committing to it.
  • Can use a old desktop or laptop to run a DaaS and still get decent performance.
  • DaaS can have real savings with extended device lifecycles.
  • DaaS environments are most likely cheaper, more secure and more reliable than what you could build on your own.
  • IT is an overhead for most business. So investing on IT is counter productive to your business motivation.
  • Investing on a more reliable, better hardware for multiple locations may be not a wise business decisions.