Challenges of DaaS

The major disadvantage of DaaS is associated with finding the right service provider. The available providers make a lot of business decisions that we might not be aware of. A major issue to undertaking business from illegal or unlawful activity. If the service provider fails to comply with the regulatory aspects or deal with unlawful businesses, there is a high chance of Federal agents raiding and confiscating hardware equipments which will lead to loss of data and your business.
So it is crucial to ask the right questions before selecting your DaaS service provider. Some things you need to be aware of are:

  • How does desktops access your files?
  • Is the data stored locally and have a VPN to DaaS.
  • Figure out where your desktop runs and locality rules.
  • If DaaS is hosted in a different country and you use the desktop locally in another country with different privacy rules, where do you file your dispute in case of disagreements?
  • How will you authenticate your users?
  • Do you have to run a domain controller at the providers data center ?
  • Do you expose your LDAP to the DaaS provider ?
  • Does users have to login with different usernames and passwords to use their DaaS desktops ?
  • How does the password reset work ?

If DaaS has some problem, you have to wait it out until your DaaS service provider gets on to your ticket and there is a high chance that you provider is not flexible. On top of this, you will not be able to choose the brand, size, and configuration of hardware.You are bound to use the management tool, user virtualization product, the hypervisor, the protocols, the system management tools, and security solutions available with the DaaS provider.