DaaS Explained

DaaS in simple words is a business arrangement where you pay someone to host your desktops instead of owning all the desktops or laptops.  It is a logical step in the IT evolution where a virtual desktop infrastructure is setup in a remote data center and the clients can use it as per their need. Setting up a VDI could become capital intensive for organizations. In DaaS, customers will not have to pay any upfront cost and only need to pay for the number of virtual desktops that they use per month. Over time, these subscription costs may add up and become higher than the infrastructure costs. So, the customers need to understand and need to be very conservative while implementing VDI. VDI should be an option and not a mandate.
CRM was outsourced to sales force while travel and expense reporting was outsourced to Concur. Now we are in the phase where the infrastructure is being outsourced. If all your application and services are on the cloud, there is no point in moving your desktop’s to DaaS. But, if you are an organization running a lot of non-cloud Windows or Mac based applications, then you should definitely have a look at DaaS.